The Pursuit of Purpose - The Struggle Ends Here

Have felt like most of my life, I have wondered aimlessly, I am now 44 years of age, and I have concluded many things and certain truths.

We have discovered there is a purpose to everything that surrounds us. I have absolute truth every product made is for an intended purpose.

  • Do we have a purpose?
  • Why pursue purpose
  • Abuse of purpose
  • Change of purpose
  • How do I know my purpose

What about you and me?

We have a greater purpose if a product has a purpose since humans create the products.

It doesn’t make sense; we find meaning in everything else and the products we use, but we don’t have answers to our purpose and meaning in our existence.

It doesn’t matter how you came into this world, some from wealthy families and some from low-income families.

It doesn’t change what your purpose is. Your circumstances may change, but your purpose in life does not change; it remains.

I believe most of our problems come from not understanding who we are since we lack this knowledge, we will struggle with many issues in life.

We can’t control what life gives us, but we can control what we give back. If we are clear about our purpose, we can respond positively to whatever life throws us.

We all have the same issues in life, but we deal with them differently.

Every human wants and needs are universal; we are all the same; no matter the color of our skin, the problem we face every day is the same.

Why should we pursue our purpose?

Everyone wants to be happy, and there is nothing wrong with that; as a matter of fact, the ultimate goal for anyone is to be satisfied.

It is why we get out of bed every day to chase that dream that will make us happy, and it is our human nature to want to have fulfilled and meaningful lives; there is no reason for existence without meaning.

Suppose you’re unhappy with your current life; the reason is that you are not doing what you are supposed to.

Unknow Purpose is Abuse of Purpose.

Alcohol was initially made as medicine; for a saw stomach today, it is sold in boxes, in bottles in clubs, used at parties, on birthdays everywhere, and anywhere people have access to alcohol.

People have found another purpose for alcohol; it does not change what was intended for. This use of alcohol has contributed to violence, emotional and physical.

If we use something not knowing its intended purpose, the only thing that comes from that is an abuse of purpose.

If we are not careful, we will abuse our loved ones, not just our loved ones but ourselves.

We don’t often see ourselves as being abused, and I think we are afraid to admit to ourselves what is going on before our very own eyes are we are letting people treat us like doormats.

If you don’t know who you are, you will continue to be abused by other people, even by your loved ones.

Change of Direction – Purpose is Constant.

I thought my purpose was to provide for my family, which is true, but that was the problem; I felt like that was all my life was about, and it left me empty.

I now understand my role as a parent is not to tell my kids what they should or should not do because they will do it anyway.

My part is guiding them along, giving them confidence, and encouraging them when they are down.

The most important person in this picture was me. I found myself constantly fighting the world on my own maybe I wasn’t alone, but I certainly felt alone. It made me unhappy and lonely.

I realize it doesn’t mean that I have a family; it will make me completely happy; I mean this in a good way.

I love my children and will do anything for them, but I understand that they also have a purpose in life, and it is up to them to pursue their purpose in life.

It gives me great comfort knowing that I don’t have to do everything for them but guide them and help when they need help.

It is essential for me to is discovering my purpose in this life, or I will continue to wander.

How do I know my purpose?

Does it give you meaning to whatever you are doing right now in your life? Do you feel fulfilled?

If you find that you’re not happy, then the answer is that you’re not doing what you’re passionate about.

Also, if your passion will benefit humanity, that is your purpose, but if you’re passionate about having a big house and lots of money, that is personal ambition, not a goal.

Don’t mistake what you do as a living with your purpose; every day, we get up to go to work to get paid for a living to pay bills.

The purpose is something that has caused you trauma, and it caused you pain, and you do not wish it upon anyone else. Your experience and knowledge about a particular topic are priceless and will benefit many people.

The purpose is something that will benefit this world and humanity, and the intent is not to destroy the world but to benefit,

Discovering your Purpose.

My profession is a tree lopper. I have done this job for many years now, but the older I get, the more depressed I get with my job.

I realize if I don’t change my job, it will be very hard later when I am too old to do anything about it.

I am doing something that means a lot to me, and I am happier. I also realized I now use my tree lopping business for relaxing for my real job when I get home.

I’m having so much fun; it is hard, I have to admit, but the feeling that I get to know I am working towards something meaningful every day, I look forward to getting up every morning.

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