How to discover your Purpose! - The Struggle Ends Here

From a baby to adulthood, our bodies and lives have transitioned and transformed, even how we think and process information.

Our lives are constantly changing, and every decision in our lives shifts our destination from one to the next. We feel we know where we are; the next, we don’t.

Throughout my life, I have always felt like one minute I know what I’m doing and the next I don’t.

Most of the time, it leaves me confused, questioning who I am and what I am all about; in turn, I doubt whether I can take care of my responsibilities.

Return The Product to the Manufacture

I have made many mistakes in my lifetime, I did things that I am not proud of, and I eventually got sick of living the life I was living.

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Which leads me to the question, What am I doing here on this earth?

I figured if I could answer this question for myself, I could make sense of things happening in my life.

I discovered that every product made was made for a purpose; there is a reason why these products exist.

The same for you and me, and we are here for a purpose; there is a reason for our existence.

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Like any purchased product, it comes with a warranty; if the customer deems the product faulty.

The customer may return the product to get it fixed or replaced with a new product.

How about us? Who do we go to when we are broken or need help? Say your car broke down, and your car is Ford.

Would you take your Ford to be fixed by a Toyota mechanic?

The answer is you wouldn’t because they are different manufacturers; the only thing that would happen is they will add on more problems.

The best thing to do is to take your Ford to the Ford mechanic, and they will be able to tell you precisely what is wrong with your vehicle and how they can fix it.

Who is our Manufacture?

Where do we go when we are going through tough times and sometimes feeling broken? Who do we go for help?

Where does a human person go for help? I have tried to answer this question for many years, where can I go for help? Who can help me?

The Bible is the only book that tells us where can come from. The Bible does not deny claiming where the human race comes from and how it came to existence.

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It even states how this earth was formed and how we were created; many religious groups are claiming their version of creation but, in the end, reference the Bible.

We cannot debate this because there is no other material out there claiming where humankind came from like the Bible does, and the Bible says God created this earth also you and me.

Who am I?

It is essential to know who you are and where you are; the world is full of confusion and corruption.

Even in our own families, a place where we should feel safe and secure turns out to be the worst.

When people have problems, they often turn to their friends and families or get professional help.

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The problem with this is whatever problem you’re having, most likely, the person you seek help from is struggling with the same problem.

Seeking help or advice from another human being is not bad; the only thing you have to be careful of is the advice you take in because, in the end, you alone have to face your problems.

As a man, I often felt alone and misunderstood; most of the time, I see people taking advantage of my kindness and constantly getting walked on. As I said before, it is worse when it happens in your own home.

A family hierarchy goes to the father-mother and the children; when they have problems, they can look at the mother and the father. If the mother has a problem, she looks to her husband. If the husband has a problem, who does he look up to?


When a product is broken or no longer functions, it is best to return it to its original manufacturer for repairs.

Only then will it be fixed appropriately. It is the same for you and me; no other sources can tell us where we came from apart from the Bible.

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Genesis 1 vs. 1 says, In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth,

Everything that the eye meets, the Bible claims it was God that created it, then it goes on out the creation of man

Genesis 2 vs 7; And the lord God formed Man of the dust of the ground.

If the Bible says that God created us, then it makes sense that we turn to God if we are broken products; only God has the tools to fix us.

God created you for his purpose, and it is our moral responsibility to pursue what is meaningful; having a meaningful life is God’s intended purpose for our lives.

We should never let people and our circumstances dictate our lives, we are meant to have meaning and fulfilling lives, and we owe it to ourselves to pursue our purpose in life.

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