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Hello and Welcome

My name is Oliva. Thank you for visiting my website. I made this website to document my research about a topic I’ve wanted to understand more about.

Purpose of this website!

Three years ago, I hit rock bottom in my life; my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, and probably a year after that, my wife and I were separated.

Everything fell apart in a concise period; it was like a domino effect, one thing after another.

Broken Pieces

I have always been a strong person; it doesn’t matter what the circumstance is, I have always found a way, but this time it was different.

Struggling to pick up the pieces, I started to question life and the reason for my existence, constantly asking myself, is there a purpose to my life?

The question of existence plagued me, it got so bad I started to feel like there was no meaning to my life.

My children kept me going; I kept reminding myself that I have five kids, and I’m still responsible for their wellbeing. This gave me some form of purpose and it felt good at the time.

Having a purpose of providing for my children helped me get through most days, but as each day went by, it became harder. It was like I was in a different planet, not knowing who I was and what im doing.

I had to be honest with myself and admit it was not getting any better, things were getting worse and I had to do something about it.

I decided I couldn’t live like this; I mean, I love my kids, I’ll do anything for them, but providing for them I feel was no longer enough. I felt there was something seriously wrong with me.

Putting together the pieces

So I searched for anything that could explain who I was because I was desperate for something to release me from this pain.

I started reading a lot and listen to a lot of youtube motivational videos, grasping at anything.

Long story short, eventually, I stumbled across the word Purpose. The word purpose changed my life, and it changed my thinking and mood.

With this life change experience, I feel a lot better about myself, and my outlook on life is more positive.

Moving forward

There are times in our lives where we fall into uncharted territory. I am inspired to share this with you, and I hope it will help guild you out of your difficult times.

Today the mother of my children and I get along and have a strong bond, and we will always have a connection through and for the love of our children, which is very important.

I have learned don’t put too much trust in my, it doesn’t make my wife a bad person why I shouldn’t trust her.

I feel that it is our own reponsibility to take care of ourselves.

Especially us men, society is against family man, I know this for sure because I have experienced it.

It is the reason why I never blamed my wife for our problems.

What I did was learned alot about myself and what I found was Iam a good person just some people take advantage of my kindness .


This website is about my journey as a Man, what I write in this website are my thoughts concerning men.

There is nothing I write about that I do not know about. My experience as a man is enough to know what I am talking about.

This website is created in the hope it will help another brother who may be struggling though marriage.

Especially if you are in a separation phase of your marriage. I know my experience on this issue will help you.

Along in this website you will find the thing that I enjoy working on.

I do Affiliate marketing as a side hassle you will find all of this in this website.

Thank you for stopping in and I hope I added value to your time.

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